Meet Our Senior Pastor

Reverend Adam D. Stevenson is a dedicated pastor who has led the Warren Chapel CME Church since August 2014. A distinguished United States Navy veteran, who has worked professionally for the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as the Federal Bureau of Prison; his passion for ministry is evident in his commitment to teaching and preaching the gospel. Reverend Stevenson is devoted to transforming lives, shaping destinies, and building up people, leaving an indelible impact on both his congregation and the community at large.

Beyond the pulpit, he serves as a board member on the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council and is an Advisory Board member of Harbor Connects, showcasing his commitment to community engagement and service. In his personal life, Rev. Stevenson is a loving husband to Shari and a devoted father to Paige, Anyiah, Samira, and Eryn. His holistic approach to life, blending spiritual leadership with active community involvement and family values, makes him a respected and influential figure in both religious and civic circles.

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